Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I have my theory on how polls work and took time to research the subject. Honestly, who are these people that answer polls? I know I and many others are at work and are not being reached by poll takers. What group is left? Let's see. Most younger people are in school. Even younger children do not answer the phones and I'm sure their caregivers at that time have no time for polls. Who is left? Why retirees and stay home moms of course. Which just happens to be a group of people that favor McCain. Where then are we being given a true idea of how America really feel about the candidates? I'm sure there is no outreach to those that do not use landlines. Therefore, we are really seeing a picture of how most of the older generation and stay home surban mom feel about who they want to be president. Which is a far cry from seeing the picture of what all of America feel.

Let's face it, we have no idea what age group is being called, how the questions are phrased or what state the person is being called lives in. These factors may seem of no importance but it leaves the door wide open to interpretation. Has McCain's smear campaign being working? It's hard to tell. If you read the vast majority of bloggers and talk to people that are supporters then the answer is No. If you listen to the talking heads that puts much faith in using selective polls then the answer is yes. How much stock should we put in the polls? Very little. There are far too many Americans that are not listening and the polls are really skewed right now.

I am beginning to feel that most polls being used at this time is just another means for the talking heads to attack Obama. Because no matter how much McCain is losing in the polls their is never any intelligent conversation on what he needs to do to improve his polls. As I have noted, if the polls is not for the purpose of both parties but only for the downbeating of one the canidiates then polls, therefore, can not serve as a true tool for being used for monitoring how the election is going.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saddlebrook meet the Talking Heads

I knew before Obama ever reached the stage that no matter what he said he would be considered weak by the Talking Heads. I can report with all honesty that they did not let me down.

However, before I go further I need to put it out there how I feel about this whole religious push this country has been operating on for the last 200 years. I'm tired of it. I'm a christian and I have clearly come to be able to live with Muslims, atheists and a host of other religions peacefully. Why is it that we must invade a political leader with taking a religious stance? Why can't we elect someone because they can lead and not which God they believe? That being said let me continue.

As usual the Talking Heads have tagged a new word to indicate Obama was viewed as weak. That new word is "nuance." Of course McCain was viewed as forceful and powerful and taking a strong stance. I could have believed that if I had not wasted the time to view the show. McCain was neither powerful or forceful. He was evasive and failed to answer some of the questions. He would instead give a stumping point to why he should be president. Let's give McCain brownie points for being dishonest. Most of McCain's answers lead to his being a POW, how he's going to follow Osama bin Laden to hell, blah, blah, blah.

McCain came off as just a little to prepared for every question. This is the same man who can not read a teleprompter straight, much less deliver any lines without stumbling. Yet on this night he was on target? When he was asked the question of when did he bucke his parties interest and maybe his own interest. McCain stated that would be over" climate control and wasteful spending?" He has got to be kidding. McCain has ♠not voted on improving our climate control at all and wasteful spending is a catch line he uses when he does not want to vote for a bill that is against any of his lobbyist causes.

What a crock the whole forum was. I don't need a president that can keep the faithful happy (remember Bush), I need one that can lead and lead with some form of truthfulness. I can not see how I should view McCain as the way to go when he has surrounded himself with powerful lobbyist and have corrected his policy stance to be reflected of meeting those lobbyist's clients needs (big oil, Georgia to name a few). McCain has consistently voted 100% with Bush thus far in 2008 and 95% of the time in 2007. Where in is this change? In fact, McCain wants to keep all of Bush's failed policies or enhance them to make it worst for me, middle of the road American. Who are the republicans kidding? McCain is not change you can believe in! He's just more of the same minus diplomacy (as he taught me this week with his rantings over Russia-Georgia).

I am so thankful Obama do not listen to the Talking Heads as intently as we other victims do. If he did he could hardly believe his own lead. I am so glad this day is coming to a close and I do not have to hear nuance one more damn time. But let me acknowledge what the talking heads did not bother to discuss:

  • Why is the press giving McCain a pass on one of the biggest mistakes of foreign policy that America has committed when Bush invaded Iraq?
  • Why on this fine Sunday was there no mention of McCain's unnecessary rhetoric earlier this week against Russia?
  • Why was no one talking about McCain having declared himself president and sending emissaries to Georgia?
  • Why did one of the biggest champions of the Iraq war (McCain) make statements in regards to "in the 21st century, nations do not invade other nations?"
  • Why didn't we get any answers in regards to McCain saying that this was the biggest international crisis since the end of the cold war?
  • Why is it that McCain has two lobbyist running his campaign and they are also in bed (or once was in bed) with Georgia and the DHL problem in Ohio?
  • Why is Phil Gramm back on the scene and being touted as McCain's Treasury Secretary?
But of course none of that is important. What's important is that Democrats need to be more like republicans and scream for blood, shoot from the hip, and take charge and be large. God forbid we elect some one to be president that actual is presidential and intelligent too. It would be so much better if we just elect another dumb puppet and let the neocons rule as they have for the last 8 years.

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